Building scalable software applications today is extremely expensive, requiring the combination of dozens of different tools. The engineering involves countless arcane tasks that are far removed from actual application logic. The narrow focus of each individual tool, and the lack of a cohesive model of building end-to-end applications, causes the engineering cost to be orders of magnitude greater than it could be.

Red Planet Labs is pioneering a radically new kind of software tool. It's not just for the initial construction of an application, but also encapsulates deployment, monitoring, and maintenance. It implements the first truly cohesive model for building software applications – a set of abstractions that can build any application at any scale with greatly reduced engineering cost.


Nathan is the founder of Red Planet Labs. Prior to RPL, he led engineering for BackType which was acquired by Twitter in 2011. Nathan created the Apache Storm project and wrote the book Big Data: Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems. Outside of working, Nathan is a private pilot, loves going to stand-up comedy shows, and is forever trying to teach his dog new tricks.

Bryan is a founding engineer at Red Planet Labs. Bryan previously led engineering at StreamSets as VP of Engineering, and led the Data Platform team at Square. He was the PMC Chair of Apache Thrift and made significant contributions to Apache HBase. In his free time, Bryan is an amateur woodworker, machinist, and welder. He also enjoys playing board games that have too many pieces.

Hugo is a founding engineer at Red Planet Labs. Hugo previously was a founding engineer at the telemedicine startup Dialogue, and prior to that in startups spanning the marine, finance, and arts worlds. He also created the open source Pallet infrastructure automation project. When not playing soccer coach for his kids, Hugo enjoys MMA and cross country skiing.

Bruce is a founding engineer at Red Planet Labs. Bruce is known for creating many popular open source tools for Clojure and ClojureScript, and evangelizing hot code reloading for front-end development. He is also a fan of minimalism and is known for living in a small geodesic dome of his own design.

Thomas is a founding engineer at Red Planet Labs. Thomas previously was a founding member of the self-driving vehicle platform rideOS, led the Maps and Logistics group at Uber, and the Data team at LiveRamp. Thomas is also an avid scuba diver, and an amateur electronic musician.

Aaron is a founding engineer at Red Planet Labs. Aaron has led engineering efforts at several successful startups including Bazaarvoice, Webify Solutions, and Curbside. He has deep experience developing web-scale product lines and distributed systems serving large consumer bases. He is a frequent open-source contributor and the creator of thurber, an open-source SDK for high-volume data processing. Aaron is the happy father of two young kids who are very good at distracting him from his once-avocational forays into writing & filmmaking.

Daniel is a founding engineer at Red Planet Labs. He cares about creating opportunity for others through technology. He is best known for Clojure for the Brave and True, a book that has helped thousands learn Clojure. Daniel’s also an enthusiastic photographer who loves doing creative things with creative people.

Biubiu is the CFO of Red Planet Labs (Chief Food Officer). Biubiu applies his eating, sleeping, and cuddling expertise towards building highly scalable systems from the ground up. Prior to RPL, Biubiu founded the political advocacy organization "More Treats Now!", but he was convinced to stop his advocacy for a single dog biscuit. He's upset that computer bugs aren't edible.


"At Initialized the most important factor in our investments is the founder. Nathan has deeply impressed us as one of the strongest technology pioneers whose systems have saved tech giants hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure costs. Red Planet Labs is poised to solve fundamental infrastructure problems, and in the process build a significant and enduring business." Garry Tan

"The biggest breakthroughs come from building on first principles. This is why Red Planet Labs is the largest single investment I've made in years." Naval Ravikant

"Building large-scale applications today is complicated and expensive. Red Planet Labs has the potential to change that with its simple, all-encompassing system." Max Levchin

"While people, businesses, and markets have increasingly digitized and benefited from moving online, the underlying development and operation of larger scale applications has increased in complexity and cost. We’re very excited about how Red Planet Labs's technology will change the fundamental economics of building unified software infrastructure in virtually any industry." Steve Jang

"The market opportunity for Red Planet Labs is immense. Almost every company dealing with large scale infrastructure will benefit in a big way from Red Planet Labs' breakthroughs." Christopher Golda

"Infrastructure development today is too complicated, too ad-hoc, and too costly. Red Planet Labs has the strong potential to elegantly solve all of these big challenges in one platform." Rafael Corrales