Rama Beta

Rama is currently available in a private beta. We're working closely with each private beta user to help them build new applications or rebuild existing ones at greatly reduced cost. Rama is free to use during the first two months of the private beta, and we also provide unlimited free consulting during that period. After those two months there's a license fee to continue using Rama.

The applications that benefit most from Rama are those with complex domain models, high scale, or both. Rama's best for teams who care a great deal about improving their productivity and speed of iteration. We're looking for companies ready to commit immediately to building a prototype with Rama.

Rama is production ready. We're using the private beta as an opportunity to fine-tune its API, improve its documentation, and enhance its feature-set according to the needs of our users.

You can apply to the beta at the link below. After applying, you can expect to hear from us soon to discuss further your company and your goals.

Apply to private beta