Rama modules can be easily tested using a built-in facility called InProcessCluster. The com.rpl.rama.test package provides a nice Clojure API to using InProcessCluster and other testing facilities. See the main page on testing for complete details on testing facilities available, which all have corresponding analogues in com.rpl.rama.test. The intro blog post and rama-demo-gallery also have many examples of using InProcessCluster through the Clojure API.

You can also unit test deframafn and deframaop that operate on PStates using the create-test-pstate facility in com.rpl.rama.test. Here’s an example of using this:

(use 'com.rpl.rama)
(use 'com.rpl.rama.path)
(require '[com.rpl.rama.test :as rtest])

(deframafn foo-op [$$p]
  (local-transform> [:a "b" (term inc)] $$p)

(with-open [tp (rtest/create-test-pstate
                 {clojure.lang.Keyword (map-schema String
                                                   {:subindex? true})})]
  (rtest/test-pstate-transform [:a "b" (termval 10)] tp)
  (println "Initial:" (rtest/test-pstate-select-one [:a "b"] tp))
  (foo-op tp)
  (println "After one call:" (rtest/test-pstate-select-one [:a "b"] tp))
  (foo-op tp)
  (println "After two calls:" (rtest/test-pstate-select-one [:a "b"] tp)))

Running this prints:

Initial: 10
After one call: 11
After two calls: 12